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Specialized testing & validation

Superlink’s laboratories are dedicated for design verification, incoming material inspection, manufacturing process control and failure analysis. The test capability includes mechanical, electrical and environmental tests for functions and reliability of all the products. The laboratories also provide training to each function departments and customers.

Electrical Tests:

  •     Cable comprehensive test per EIA-364-06 / EIA-364-21 / EIA-364-20
  •     Contact resistance test per IEC512-2 / EIA364-06
  •     Insulation resistance test per IEC512-3-1 / EIA-364-21
  •     Dielectric withstanding voltage test per EIA-364-20 / IEC-512-14-1
  •     3rd Inter-modulation(PIM) test per IEC62037
  •     impedance//Intra-Pair Skew/Attenuation test per EIA-364-108 / EIA-364-103
  •     VSWR/Insertion loss test per SJ 2331-1983 / SJ 2474-1984

Mechanical Tests

  •     Visual precision Inspection (CCD magnifier, Microscope etc)
  •     Dimension measurement ( 2D, 3D)
  •     Rockwell hardness test per ASTM E-18 / ISO6508
  •     Low Mu Permeability test (Magnetic detection) per ASTM 342
  •     Plating Thickness Detection per ASTM B568 / DIN ENISO 3497
  •     Engage and disengage force test per EIA364-13
  •     Force measurement

Environmental and Reliability Tests

  •     Cable kinking swing test per GB/T 2423.31-1985
  •     Durability  Test per IEC512-9-1/ EIA364-09
  •     RoHS test per IEC 62321:2008
  •     Hermetic (water/air proof) Test per IEC-68-2-17
  •     Burning Test
  •     Salt spray test per IEC-68-2-11
  •     High temp test per IEC-68-2-2
  •     Low temp test per IEC-68-2-1
  •     High low temp cycle test per IEC-68-2-14
  •     Relative humidity per IEC512-11-3 / IEC68-2-3

Download Superlink’s Laboratory Test List.

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